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The peaceful world of Cenceti was facing destruction; an unknown energy ribbon was hurling through space destroying everything it touched.With no other choice, the furry, simian like humanoids have to abandon their home-world.
With the energy ribbon growing ever closer, the top Cenceti scientists and engineers turn to the task of evacuation; how do you transport millions of Cenceti off of a planet?The answer: several large transport vessels, and twenty-five thousand spider shaped ships called arapods.The Cenceti engineers also create a master computer program to pilot the massive fleet in search of a new home; its programming was simple – aid and protect the Cenceti.
With the fleet – and the entire Cenceti civilization – now in space, the search for a new home begins.Many new planets are discovered, but none are suitable for the Cenceti…until they discover “Sanctuary” and the Cenceti make preparations to abandon the fleet.The computer, now sentient, knows that if the Cenceti leave it will not be able to aid and protect and seeks to find a way to keep them on the sphere.In its emotional infancy and instability, the computer destroys the Cenceti in the course of protecting them.
Left with nothing but its programming, the computer – called the IMA – roams the universe seeking a new civilization to aid and protect.The IMA discovers many worlds, and destroys several species of “primitives”, until picking up signals from a distant planet.From the signals, the IMA deduces the inhabitants are primitive and warlike – perfect for the computer to protect.The IMA has just discovered Earth.
The year is 2015 and World War III has just ended.The human race is not prepared when the IMA arrives in orbit, introduces itself, and promises Utopia if the humans will simply live in space. Humans divide into distinct groups and prepare for the worse: survivalists, religious zealots, and the alien movement.When the humans refuse, the IMA destroys over half the population in a show of what happens without the computer’s protection.
The humans fight back, led by Major Alexander Hobbes and LtCDR Jacqueline Petrovsky, an Army Officer and Naval Aviator respectfully.With the assistance of local militia leaders, and an unexpected ally, the humans launch a counter-attack on land, in the air and in space; the International Space Station becomes the focal point of the fight for Earth.
The humans inflict heavy losses on the dwindling arapod fleet of the IMA, but suffer devastating losses of their own.When all seems lost, the humans initiate a last daring plan and provoke the IMA into attacking one more time.Can this daring plan save the human race…or will the alien computer dominate the remnants of humanity?

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