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a bloated corpse floating down a river of self-congratulatory anecdotes, Fredric Raphael is a man who i imagine chuckles politely aloud at his own internalized jokes. he will probably live forever because he refuses to die by any means other than certain occurrences which will end his life with a bittersweet tinge of cultivated poetic irony, becoming of an AUTHOR AND SCHOLAR of his caliber. this is less a memoir of Stanley Kubrick and more a reference page from the world's most pretentious resume. all of the dialogue between FR and SK is transcribed through the use of interview formatting, though it feels like the half-remembered daydreams of a man with a severe case of L'esprit de l'escalier (though Fred is fluent in French and every other language that has touched the tips of tongues [alliteration] throughout history, i had to use google to find out how to spell this phrase). Stanley Kubrick comes off as a simple-minded man with the audacity to trim the beautiful plastic rosebush with liquid latex dew-drops that is Freddie's creative output, as a man who hesitates to flaunt his genius at every corner and thus calls his legitimacy into question. there is practically no insight into kubrick's cinematic process, life's tribulations, opinions, personality, or reception to his pedestaled status as a lauded filmmaker. it seems as though FR's interactions with SK were relatively distant and rarely strayed from professionalism, though the back cover cites 'hours of conversation about a variety of topics', that 'Stanley Kubrick opened himself to Frederic through their close personal friendship' or something. the advertised 'bonding' of these two men exists solely through brief, remembered dialogues and insufferable entries from Raphael's diary during the time period of their collaboration. I learned alot about Kubrick's mythical perfectionism through lazily written accounts of a disappointing latin paper that Fredric Raphael wrote in college, and was thoroughly entertained by a million heavy handed greek mythology metaphors. "Sarcasm, oneofmy many talents ;]" - Fred Raph

an exploitative grasp at the chalice of vicarious creative worth, i give this memoir a 'fuck you'/10.

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