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I got this book today in the afternoon (it was accidentally delivered to my husband's workplace) and I finished it just a few hours after I began reading it.It reads like a bestselling thriller with the added advantage that it's all real. This thorough study of the iconography of the ancient Middle East reveals a secret about humankind that any seeker of truth ought to examine seriously.Every chapter reveals a new startling secret about the real origins of our belief systems.By the time you read the last chapter, you will be persuaded to reconsider all your previous assumptions about ancient man.

Gavin White examines the true nature of the ancient Mesopotamian goddess more popularly known as Inanna in her various pre-literate roles, and how her disappearance from the sacred literature affected the course of civilization. Few people in the world know anything about the Sumerian pantheon and its influence on Judeo-Christian religions, and fewer still know about it with any accuracy, as much of what is known about Sumer blurs and merges with the Semitic-Akkadian culture which adapted and reconfigured much of the old Sumerian mythology when Akkadians became dominant in the third millennium BCE.Of the surviving myths and hymns attributed to Sumer, dating is dubious and makes it difficult to extract the original from the altered version, and therefore, also difficult to reconstruct with any accuracy a sensible chronology of the shifts in power.But Gavin White approaches his study by focusing on iconography, painfully extracting meaning from image after image of tablets, temple steles, seals, vases and plates gathered from a multitude of ancient sources, building his case with increasingly convincing arguments and giving his readers a crash course in deciphering ancient texts. It is nothing short of brilliant, and, in spite of its complexity, an easy and enjoyable read.

While others have written about the matriarchy-based religions of neolithic times, none to my knowledge have written about the shift between the matriarchy and the patriarchy that occurred approximately 6,000 years ago, none, at least, as clearly and as cleanly as Gavin White does in this thorough study.It's a who-dun-it set six thousand years ago, and the conclusions are eye-opening and thought-provoking.

I thought I knew a lot about Gilgamesh and Inanna, having read innumerable versions of the myths, and a considerable number of Sumerian and Akkadian mythologies besides, but as it turns out, I didn't go far enough in time to understand: what I didn't know is a lot.If discovering the Sumerian epics was once shocking, reading Gavin's book is all the more so.I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the origin of religion, in the essence of spiritualityand in the history of our belief system.Everything in this book is more relevant now than it has ever been.Read it!!!

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