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PRESS NOTICES OF MR. MAURICE EVANS BLACK AND WHITE IN SOUTH-EAST AFRICA This is a thought-compelling book, and should be in every South African library.quot CAPE ARGUS. quotOne of the most thoughtful and suggestive studies of a much-debated question that we have yet seen.quot NATAL WITNESS. quotThe book as a whole is undoubtedly one which may be read with profit by all interested in this great social problem.quot quot NATAL MERCURY. Mr. Maurice S. Evans has laid the people of South Africa under a deep debt of gratitude for the time, the care, and the thought he has devoted to the book which he has just published. We welcome the book most cordially, and we heartily con gratulate the author on a very valuable addition to the literature of South Africa and to that of the science of Sociology.quot SUNDAY TIMES, JOHANNESBURG. quotSound common-sense evolved from more first-hand knowledge than usually falls to the lot of nomadic man. The book is one that must be read by every South African, and by all interested in South Africa s future.quot RAND DAILY MAIL. quotMr. Evans has contributed much to the ephemeral literature of the time, but his matured convictions are recorded in the handsome volume which has now reached this country. The volume is worthy of a place in every South African library.quot DIAMOND FIELDS ADVERTISER.quotAn earnest, thoughtful, and sympathetic effort to grapple with a tremendously difficult and complex problem. Sir Matthew Nathan contributes a preface in which he bears personal testimony to the author s keenness and sympathy, and shows that in large measure he shares the views expressed.quot amplt TRANSVAAL LEADER. quotAnyone who reads Black and White in South-EastAfrica intelligently should not only have an appreciation of the extent and importance of the native question, but a useful work ing grasp of its details. Mr. Evans does not stop at abstract discussion, but carries matters boldly into the realms of constructive suggestion.quot NATAL ADVERTISER. quotSo true, exhaustive, kindly, yet shrewd a picture of a native race has surely never been drawn yet, and the average Natalian reading Mr. Evans pages will be forced to ac knowledge the correctness of the picture and to acknowledge also that it brings out many a characteristic and feature that had escaped the reader s notice but which he is none the less compelled to recognize as. correct also.quot CONTEMPORARY REVIEW. quotTo all who are really interested in this immense and very difficult subject we commend a study of this, book with its mass of information and its consideration of the actual facts that arise out of the contact of black and white in South-East Africa.quot ATHENAEUM. quotMr. Evans long and earnest study of native questions entitles him to a respectful hearing. His book is temperate, thoughtful, and fair-minded. It is well worth the attention of everyone interested in the peculiar and difficult problems with which it deals.quot THE TIMES. quotThe present volume is particularly welcome. It is an important contribution to the manyworks already published dealing with Sociology on the African continent. ... Sir Matthew Nathan writes an instructive preface to the book, which should be widely read as a wise and considered contribution to our literature on the subject.quot BLACK AND WHITE IN THE SOUTHERN STATES A STUDY OF THE RACE PROBLEM IN THE UNITED STATES FROM A SOUTH AFRICAN POINTOF VIEW BY MAURICE S. EVANS, C.M.G. AUTHOR OF quotBLACK AND WHITE IN SOUTH-EAST AFRICA WITH MAP LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. 39 PATERNOSTER ROW, LONDON FOURTH AVENUE 30TH STREET, NEW YORK BOMBAY, CALCUTTA, AND MADRAS 1915 To MY WIFE ELIZABETH F. EVANS INTRODUCTION. I MAKE no apology for adding another to the mass of books already written on this subject...

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