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PROTAGORAS and MENO.(432 BCE and 402 BCE).Plato.****.
If you’ve not read any of Plato’s dialogues (plays) before, these two would be a good place to start.I say this because they are relatively more accessible than most of the others.In the PROTAGORAS, Socrates meets up with Hippocrates and begins the dialog in response to Hippocrates’ desire to hook up with Protagoras.At the time, Protagoras was known to be among the leading Sophists of the day.Hippocrates wanted to approach him and have him become his teacher.Socrates’ question to Hippocrates was twofold:“What is a Sophist and what does he teach?”It is still a little blurry, even at the end of the dialog, but a Sophist has the same word root as the word sophistication.It was then presumed that Sophists would teach the basics of “goodness” as it related to the city and government, and the quality of a man.The rest of the dialog – with a lot of semantic arguments – dwells on the definition and expansion of the meaning of goodness.Socrates finally gets down to the point where Protagoras can define his terms in a way that is all inclusive rather than as a portion of the whole.The MENO dialogue is much different.Here, Socrates’ thesis is that all knowledge is already present in men as part of their souls.Learning, then, is simply an exercise in remembering.Socrates uses a clever example of a geometry problem presented to a slave.You would do well to look at the example and see if you can follow the reasoning used that leads the slave to propose and accept the right answer.What makes these two dialogues even more readable is the great way the translation flows.This is probably one of the best translations I have ever read.Recommended.

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