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Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten

The exiles of Atlantis hoarded their artifacts in magically sealed and guarded redoubts, hidden from Sleepers and common spells. The masters of these storehouses are long gone, but their enchantments remain, enigmas to confound all who would seek them - but seek them some do. Mages obsessed with the power of the ancients scour the material and Shadow realms for these places, ignorant of the things that still guard them. Few of these explorers ever return.

A chronicle book for Mage: The Awakening

Surveys the hidden temples, storehouses, libraries and refuges of the ancient Atlantean mages

The legend of Atlantis and how it has changed throughout the ages, including many forgotten theories about the Awakened City

Temple guardians, enchanted items, and all manner of beasts found near Atlantean ruins

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