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GanreSequential Art
Release date 04.02.2005
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Can Urasawa keep one-upping himself? I think he can, and he continues to do so by grabbing my attention volume to volume of this amazing series.

This volume focused heavily on Kenji's present and his difficulties in understanding what is happening, after the revelation in the last chapter of Volume 2, Kenji mind starts spinning. Why is this happening? What did that guy mean 'This was all your plan'? Why did Donkey want to talk to him? Why was Donkey killed? Who is 'Friend' really? As Kenji rushes home to sort things out he desperately tries to think of a reason, any other reason, that this string of craziness could be happening, but using logic just makes him more paranoid. The bottom line is this though: whatever they cooked up in their secret hideout as kids playing games, is coming to life FOR REAL!

As the plot thickens things start getting a little creepy, in a good mysterious sort of way. I mean weren't some of the games you played as a kid stupid and immature? What if someone played them as an adult and took them seriously? What if cops and robbers became real to someone? Cowboys and Indians? RISK?!?

A lot begins to come to light, his sisters history, a little of who 'Friend' is, that his sisters baby Kanna is somehow linked to 'Friend,' etc. Sometimes there is flashbacks in this volume but they are short and it comes right back to Kenji in the present day and his running all over town trying to get to the bottom of things and save who he loves because it has been prophesied by some crazy homeless guy nicknamed "God" that he will "save the world."

20th Century Boys can really be considered the opposite of the normal 'ordinary kid gets super powers' storyline. Kenji doesn't have any super powers, he's about as ordinary as you can get, but because of who he is, and what he did as a kid, he can make a difference. It is a powerful story that has engulfed me. Urasawa = A great writer/artist.

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