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Having won his fight against Kobashi, Ippo prepares to fight Hayami, who seems to have no weaknesses.Hayami in the meantime trains hard while disregarding Ippo.Ippo's original plan to attack after Hayami tires himself out with his shot-gun punches changes when he decides to learn to counter.However, in the match, Hayami refuses to use the punch that Ippo prepared for, choosing to infight instead so as to beat Ippo on his own ground.He has trouble infighting against Ippo and resumes his usual style, only to suffer from Ippo's counter punch.This is also the chapter where Ippo meets with his guidance counselor and states his intentions of becoming a professional boxer.

I can't believe how arrogant Miyata is.He met with Ippo this chapter telling him not to break his promise, that he must win so that they can fight.However, Miyata hasn't even won his final match.What's more, Miyata always talks down to Ippo even though Ippo WON their last fight, with only 3 months of training.

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