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Catching up with modern American history : it's a jolt to realize that we had swarms of US-Commie agents from 30s-50s, but this explains the Red Scare and the flamboyant arrival of Joe McCarthy. Crackpot idealism drew some to spying; with others it was a desperate need feel important - the only route to identity.

The most famous deceiver was Alger Hiss. One pundit called him the greatest actor the US ever produced. This intriguing volume scoops up Hiss and other spies. Regrettably the writing is clotted. Coauthor Weinstein modestly suffers four photos of himself. Revelations herein came to light when documents fr the Stalinist era became available (nothing thrilled Stalin more than a good Purge, which explains his sitting-on-a-chamber pot smile).

Martha Dodd: this hothouse flower found herself in Berlin in the 30s where Dado was US ambassador. She adored German weiners, then switched to Russian pickles. A Soviet spy, she later had to flee the US and spend most of wicked her life in Eastern Europe. (Why does author Erik Larson omit her Commie behavior fr "In the Garden of Beasts"? Who's being placated...?) Julius Rosenberg passed out atomic secrets like peppermints. Found guilty w wife, his public relations was manipulated by Russ influence within the US media.

Blueblood Michael Straight had the ear of FDR and Eleanor. He diddled w Commies while in the State Department, but eventually disentangled himself and wound up working for the National Endowment for the Arts. (Why am I laughing—)

Then, there's Vassar grad Elizabeth Bentley whose older Russ beau was a
recruiter-group controller. As Moscow prepared to award him the Order of the Red Star, he expired in her apartment and she had to face the NYPD — a scene that sounds like superb theatre. Drinking heavily, the secretive Bentley told Moscow that she was lonely. Moscow tried to come up with a bedmate. When she defected, '45, Moscow next tried to come up w ways of getting rid of her : subway fall, fake suicide, slow-acting poison?

Great - cautionary - stories. Hollywood won't touch Stalin. Historians say Stalin killed about 20 million. Pls, explain his 'protective' pr.Who's doing the pay off?

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