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"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; however, everyone is not entitled to their own facts." Michael Specter, an intelligent man


You can't argue with 'em, but DAMN! some people sure do try...

In this book that is meant to build a case for critical thinking and the scientific process itself, Cunningham chews through the myth ofhomeopathy, slices and dices chiropractors and vaccination naysayers, and grinds to a pulp evolution and climate change deniers.

I appreciated the chapter on the dangers of fracking, as this is occurring almost in my own backyard.

The author uses a mix of drawings and photos to demonstrate science denial.He also sheds light on how conspiracy theories and weird beliefs get started and explains how Big Business manipulates data to its own advantage.

Science builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions.Science is the most successful tool ever devised for explaining our universe.

I can think of several members of Congress who desperately need to read this book.

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