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One of my friends gave this to me for my birthday. I used to read a lot of Mormon-lit in high school, but it's been awhile since I've picked one up. It was enjoyable, not fabulous, but enjoyable. Mormon-lit is always just a little too predictable and everything always works out so perfectly. Amy Whitmore is a Mormon and it just so happens that an all Mormon Navy Seals team is the one that saves her. It just so happens that Amy is a great artist and can draw sketches of the terrorists, it just so happens that Brent happens to be there when Amy is in danger....on and on the "just so happens" crop up.

If what you are looking for is a book about a good looking young woman with a lot of money (so no struggles that way) who happens to meet a handsome, strong, man who is capapable of getting out of any bad situation (so no struggles that way)and they both happen to be members of the same religion (so no struggles that way), then this is the book for you.

Personally, I am little jaded with the "perfect mormon romance" story, so while I enjoyed this little adventure, it wasn't my favorite thing. What I would like to see in Mormon-lit is a story about someone whose life and faith is not so perfect, but they manage to struggle through and survive anyway. Just a titch more reality would be nice.

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