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Reading a James Patterson novel is akin to eating soggy cereal — eatable but not necessarily the first choice for breakfast.With that being said, I gave this one four stars.Call me a hypocrite, if you like.But the rating is not so much on Patterson's skills as a writer (which he has few, in my opinion); rather the rating deals with his skills as a storyteller (which he excels at).

FOUR BLIND MICE stars Alex Cross, a homicide detective with too much education.(Morgan Freeman played the character in two movies: Kiss the Girls; and, Along Came a Spider...interestingly enough, Freeman also played a big-brained detective in the movie Se7en; Tyler Perry is playing Cross in the upcoming film).Cross is thinking about leaving the game, joining the FBI as a profiler.But strange murders are taking place where the killers are painting their victims red, white, or blue and leaving strange calling cards at the scenes, albeit away from obvious notice.

The killers have a strange connection to Vietnam and some of the atrocities committed there by American forces.I enjoyed this thread of the novel.It was fast-paced, filled with action (sometimes implausible), and kept the pages turning.When the novel slowed, it was during the threads of Nana Mama's, Cross's grandmother, health issues, or when Sampson, Cross's best friend, begins dating the widow of one of the murder victims; or when Cross begins his dating of a San Francisco detective.To be honest, my mind barely registered these parts.The writing was flimsy here, at best.(James this part is for you: STOP WRITING SEX SCENES...I have seen more passion between acorns and soil than what you "showed"!!)

So the problems with the novel are numerous, but, as I said, Patterson can tell a story.His ability to twist and turn a plot is enviable.However, too many twists and turns just make a mockery of the story.FOUR BLIND MICE borders on having too many twists.Not to mention, unlikely escapes abound in this novel.I have a great ability to suspend belief; but there are limits to my abilities.At one point I actually scoffed aloud at the scene in the forest when Cross and Sampson take on three trained Army Rangers who also happen to be trained and you'll understand.

Okay, I haven't really said anything positive about this book to warrant my four stars.Here goes.I got caught up in it.I wanted Cross to so desperately catch these killers that I lost sleep convincing myself that the next chapter would shed some light on this case. (Unfortunately, most of the chapters I convinced myself to read were one of the threads I found lacking.)And when the hook was out in the open, I darted through the pages, back and forth, looking for the golden thread of plot order, finding only barely noticeable fragments, but loving every darn second of this very weak novel.But, as I said, I was caught up in the story.I cared about Cross and Sampson and about the murder victims, which there are plenty.

Overall, I would say that there is no need to rush out and find this book.I'm pretty sure that won't be a problem anyway since every used bookstore in the country has about five million copies of Patterson's books.But if you find yourself needing a novel that won't take much time or effort, you could do worse than this one.

RECOMMENDED (as a great time killer)

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