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I love cats... but. This book was mediocre. It's not a really suitable read for anybody - maybe some time killer for someone who wants some superficial knowledge about cats. This book wanted too much, to grab too much at the same time. I'm pretty sure those who are actually considering getting a cat would read specific, more expert literature on the how-tos. I was thinking for some time that it could be a great book for kids (like 8-12), but then, wham! All about cats doing that. I wouldn't want my kids to learn about penis and vagina and ejaculation from a book about cats before I would tell them.

I'm not sure about the original edition, but in my translated one, some of the choice of words when describing the cat breeds rubbed me in the wrong way. Maybe it's because in my country, there isn't that huge of a tradition of cat exhibitions and contests, but I constantly got the vibe that if your cat is not going to live up to its species' standards, it isn't worth anything. And I don't really like that. I would have liked if they actually wrote that "for those who want to take a cat of XXX breed to an exhibition, it's important to know that amber colored eyes are the ideal/standard" or something along those lines, not "this and this fur pattern is acceptable". I don't know, it felt really harsh for me.

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