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I was disappointed in this book. While I have some background in logic it’s in rather selective topics so I thought a book like this that was targeting beginners would be useful but, while not difficult, this books isn’t particularly accessible. It’s organized as an alphabetical list of the different logical fallacies one might encounter, with a short list at the end of the book sorting the already discussed fallacies into their various groups.

How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic is not poorly written, but the alphabetical listing of logical fallacies is far from the best way to introduce someone to the underpinnings of logic. Like I said, his writing isn’t bad and any individual entry is easy and enjoyable enough to read, but the bare bones organization makes retention difficult and the reoccurring structure of each entry is tiresome at best. His use of the same issues as examples for logical fallacies gets old and his persistent attempts at one line quips (hard to have more than one liners in a book like this) honestly get irritating by the end.

Additionally, while this book seems to aim at beginners, the lack of precise definitions for topics that pop up repeatedly through the different logical fallacies cause greater confusion than is necessary. If the author was dead set on having an alphabetical organization to this book the very least he could have done would have been to include an introduction explaining such concepts in advance. Also, the decision to put his list of the groups at the end, and with no real explanation as to what separates one group of fallacies from the others, perplexes me. Even a short description of the various groups with each specific entry then given within its group (as opposed to the alphabetical organization), could have made the same content in this book that much easier to understand and remember. Over all, this book is short and quick with a few good bits here and there but ultimately I’m sure you can find better and more comprehensive introductions to logic (whether your intention is for use or abuse).

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