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This autobiography is an absolute masterpiece, and as stated within, and accurately reflects Arnold Schwarzenegger's opening statement of “if my life were a movie, nobody would believe it.” In Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, Arnold Schwarzenegger is, as usual, a big personality with a even bigger experiences, motifs, and dreams. His humor, controversial stances, and story are unique and as strong as his 500lbs bench press. Unlike many autobiographies, Schwarzenegger thoroughly recounts his childhood, cultural upbringing, family relations, inspirations, and daily life with a few unordinary circumstances, eventually relating them to the psychological advancement known as child development. Throughout his early life, it becomes apparent what combination of events lead him to develop such extravagant aspirations and an unparalleled work ethic. For instance, certain dreams of America and marketing campaigns by Muscle Magazine and other fitness magazines forged his dream of using the infant body building industry to bring him to America to become a movie star like Reggie Park in Hercules.
When it comes to displaying accurate information, politicians are famous for “bending the truth,” however it is my personal belief that the level of truthfulness in this autobiography is exemplary. In the earlier bodybuilding chapters, Schwarzenegger admits to conferencing with a doctor about Human Growth Hormone and admits to using small doses of the drug, as nearly every competitor had at the time. In contrast, the amount of HGH that people pump into their bodies today is much more of an extreme, and the admittance to it’s use in his earlier stages of development is incredible controversial due to his stature as a role model toward so many athletes. Personally, I regard this to be commendable because it could easily be kept a personal secret for years, as in the instance with Lance Armstrong.
When approaching the book, I would recommend wiping clear your prior knowledge of Arnie, as much of what is discussed came to a shock to me, even as a major fan. Some of these surprising accounts include years of military service during his bodybuilding training, where he became a tank driver. He was able to maintain his training by packing his weights and bench press in the trunk of the tank and loved the experience, as it was the first time in his life when he could have an endless supply of steak when at base. In contrast, there were in-depth psychological scenes when he struggled in competition or exhibitions and would break down in tears in his hotel room. Furthermore, few also know about his successes in the real estate market, which yet again proves how holistic the The Governator became.
In summary, this autobiography could be categorized as a personal handbook to be successful and develop a progressive attitude, told through the real life of The Best Bodybuilder of All Time, a tank driver, an actor, a politician, a family member, a husband, and an inspiration. I would highly recommend this book for any person with experience in a competitive sport or industry, particularly individual sports and business/politics.

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