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The story depicts the home of a poor family living in a valley of-LITHUANIA, an agricultural country under Russian rule. When the story opens, a rich stranger arrives in their midst for a nights rest at this poor family, the father not being at home, the mother and the daughter allow him to stay. When asked about her son, the mother tells the stranger that he had run away when he was about thirteen and that she is not sure whether she will welcome him if he ever comes back. When the father returns, the stranger reveals that he has a lot money and gold watch with him and he shows it before going to bed. The family had been under prolonged spell of poverty and misery. The strangers wealth provokes uncontrollable greed in the poverty stricken family. The parents and the daughter conspire to rob him of his valuables and kill him in his bed. They justify their decision to him by taking him for a thief. The father goes with a knife but is not courageous enough to kill the man. He wants to drink before killing him. He goes out for a drink and does not return for an hour. Meanwhile, the mother and the daughter are tired of waiting for him. The daughter takes an axe and kills the stranger ruthlessly with her mothers assistance. The vodka keeper and his son bring the father home. The shop keeper reveals that the stranger was the son of the family who had run away from home. He had now come back to share the wealth he had accumulated. However , he wished to keep his identity a secret until the following day. He wanted to give them the most pleasant and thrilling surprise of their lives. This shocking revelation leaves the mother in remorse and anguish. She said.” He kept saying MOTHER MOTHER………”

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