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In America's Resurrection: Seeking God's Blessing on Our Nation, author Bruce Moore details the original founding vision for America, our rise to greatness, and our present downward cycle. He shows how the Christian values our nation was founded upon, which served as the source of strength and success for our government, culture and society, are now at risk in America today, and with them, so much more. By comparing America at its founding with its current state, Moore skillfully explores: The dilution and polarization of Christian values in our society, the resultant disunity of our citizenry, and the erosion of our status as the world's leading nation. The alarming increase in the size and role of our nation's government, its increasing reach into the personal lives of its citizens, as well as how our contentious political atmosphere has inflamed this problem. The importance of the preservation of the U.S. Constitution as originally interpreted and intended by the founders of our great nation, in the face of divergent reinterpretation that social pressures of our day impose. Though he presents a sometimes grim assessment of America's current state and direction, Moore presents a hopeful picture of the bright future of our nation in America's Resurrection: Seeking God's Blessing on Our Nation. If you believe in America and want to see her restored to greatness, you will find in these pages a wealth of invaluable information, written from a solidly Bible-based, Christian worldview. Bruce Moore has been a Christian for over 45 years, serving as a teacher, small group leader, deacon and elder. His vocation is Chemical Engineering, his avocation is love for God, his family, the Bible and America, all of which provided him deep wells from which to draw as he penned this insightful, provocative work. He has been married for 36 years, during which time he and his dear wife raised four children, now adult Christians.

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