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Josh Spiller is a long-distance truck driver. Although his girlfriendis pregnant, he's got no major personal problems—until the day herolls into a small town called Furnace, where a middle-aged womanpushes a baby carriage straight into his wheels and then vanishes. Thedead baby's teenage mother and other passers-by swear the wind causedthe carriage to roll, and the police take Josh for a troublemaker whenhe insists on writing a statement to the contrary. Shaken, Josh hitsthe road again, only to find that it's not so easy to get away fromFurnace; something inhuman is hot on his heels. A pretty hitchhikerrecognizes a mysterious scrap of writing in his truck as ancient runesspelling out—on human skin—a horrific curse. From then on, all roads lead backto Furnace as Josh races to unscramble a weird puzzle involving awealthy town councilor, the Philosopher's Stone, and a demon who willdestroy Josh in three days unless he returns the runes to theirrightful place.

The rotating point of view can be confusing, and the language (Gray is Scottish) occasionally doesn't ring true to an American ear. Nevertheless, this is a grand, terrifying tale.

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