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I realise that I have to make the difference.

The difference between a slut and their friend the slag, is that if a slut has no clean knickers she puts on the old ones. Her friend the slag just goes commando.
The slut gets drunk and happy. The slag gets drunk and goes for other people’s husbands.
Inside every repressed individual there is a fun-loving slut waiting to get out. Above all, a slut has style. Not for her is the promiscuous behaviour of their friend the slag. The slut is a warm-hearted, loving woman who enjoys her friends, her family and her food. She knows that the way to her man’s heart is through his stomach.

"Forget the years of training that decree that in order to produce a meal you must suffer and make others suffer. If you don't like cooking, don't cook."

"Mayonnaise is sneaky stuff and can sense a nervous beginner."

"If you are the sort of person who need callouses on your knees from scrubbing the floor, or beads of sweat on your brow from kneading dough, put this book down. Everyone else read on for a course in instant entertaining"

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