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This Special Combo-Pack edition includes both the psychological thriller REGRET and the collection of horror and suspense short stories, THE TEACHERS’ LOUNGE. Get both books in one for a special discounted price!


Dan blamed himself for his wife's untimely death... at first, that is.

Dan, a newly published bestselling author has just begun to taste the good life: Money in the bank, house in a quiet neighborhood, beautiful wife. His monster of a fictional character—a wealthy, handsome, womanizing murderer—is the catalyst for Dan's good fortune, intriguing millions of readers. But when Dan sleeps with his agent on a business trip, and then confesses the whole thing to his wife in near tears, he sets off a chain of events that cause him to lose his wife and his grip on everything, including reality.

Fleeing his hometown in an attempt to outrun tormenting memories, Dan lands himself in a nearly forgotten small town in Oklahoma, taking up indefinite refuge in a Bed and Breakfast. While here, Dan's demons begin to prey on his mental instability, and the character that he's thrilled his readers with begins to come off the page and out into the flesh, sending shockwaves through the otherwise peaceful town, and giving Dan some interesting and horrific ideas on how to cope with his pain.





Somewhere along the Virginia / North Carolina state line, nestled in an open field that is impossible to find if you try, sits a fair ground where the employees are far from your typical carnies. When the McPherson family decides to stop in and ask for directions, they never imagine they might not make it out alive.


Adam Monroe arrives at home after a tiring day at work, only to find that his garage door opener doesn’t seem to be working. Then neither does his key. When his wife finally answers the front door she greets Adam with his worst nightmare: not knowing who he is. Chased off his own lawn by an imposter who has apparently taken Adam’s place in his own life, Adam isn’t quite sure where to turn or what to do.


Jordan Garbar thought he was going to have a nice evening alone to enjoy a basketball game on TV. When the snowballs start to spatter against his house’s windows, he first credits the neighborhood kids being typical pranksters. But it doesn’t take long for Jordan to realize that there’s something much more sinister lurking in the snow than mischievous children.


In this touching story, Bill (Billy to most of his friends) talks about baseball, childhood friends, and his first crush that turned into a love that would haunt him for the rest of his life.


When Marsha Renolds leaves her cheating husband and takes her seven year-old son, Sam, to a new town to live, she is at first thrilled with the incredible deal she gets on a lovely little house in the woods. Sam, however, begins to frequently see a visiting house-guest, and he’s not entirely sure of its intentions.


Readers of Dan Dawkins’ novel REGRET know about Jackson Hugh all too well, and the evil he’s capable of. In this ORIGNIAL Jackson Hugh story, Dan Dawkins introduces readers to Jackson for the first time, and the secrets that he keeps beneath his suave exterior.

Jackson knows he can no longer kill in his own city.

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