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How To Start A Business Without Any Money

I Believe Anyone Who Wants To Can Start A Business And Get Rich With Less Than $1,000

You could be just moments away from a life-changing business idea. Learn how to:

Start A Business With No Money And Create Sales And Income In 7 Days!

Most new business owners fail because they try to build a product and then months or years later, they try to sell it. Smart entrepreneurs sell their product first and once they get the cash, then they build it and deliver to customers! That's how you get your customers to finance your business and it's a brilliant way to start a business without any capital.

Avoid The 7 Deadly Mistakes Of New Entrepreneurs

I'm sure you've seen it before. Someone gets all excited about a new business idea, invests their entire life savings in their new company and shortly after, when the money is all gone, they're broke and often have to declare bankruptcy. Why does that happen? Over 90% of the time, it's because they made one of the 7 deadly startup mistakes which you'll learn to avoid in this book.

Free Marketing Strategies That Make The Cash Register Ring

You need new customers and repeat customers to build a sustainable business. The problem? You were never taught REAL marketing in school! Even if you graduated the #1 business school in Entrepreneurship like I did, professors don't know what marketing techniques work TODAY in the real world. In this book, you'll learn marketing strategies from over 100 entrepreneurs who have come before you.

Startup Financing The Right Way

If you need more financing for your business startup, it's important you do it the right way instead of getting ripped off by greedy investors or having the bank control you. You can't make better decisions if you don't have better information! Hear from other entrepreneurs who have overcome all these obstacles and will show you the way.

Advanced Online Lead Generation Strategies

If you think you can open a store and customers will come through the door in droves, you're crazy! The world has changed. Retail sales on the internet are growing at 17% a year! Compare that to the retail industry in general which is flat, and in many industries is declining. If you don't have a solid internet marketing strategy for your business, how do you expect it to succeed when the world is changing so fast?

Case Studies and Real Stories

Reading a business textbook is all fine and good but it doesn't even compare to real world experience. Get the next best thing by hearing stories from over a hundred entrepreneurs who can share the reality of what's going on in business today. If you can learn to avoid just 1 mistake from each of these business owners, that's over 100 mistakes you'll be avoiding with YOUR business! How much money do you think that would save you? It could make all the difference in the world!

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