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This is a very good book about being a parent.This book gives different steps and opinions from teen dads.This book informs readers that if you are a teen parent you need to follow these important steps in order to be a good parent.Most if the time dads are not there for their child and this book gives the other side that all dads are not like that and most of them end up staying with their child's parent or stick around to see the child on court orders.I think that the purpose of this book was inform others that if they are going to plan on having a baby at a early age then they need to be prepared for their life to change dramatically.My favorite part in the story was when the dads of the story loved the experience they had of watching their baby be born and getting to cut the umbilical cord.
My least favorite part in the story is when it describes what the females have to go through when they get pregnant and the procedure for the baby to come out.It made me very nervous to have kids because i know that it will be very painful and even though females take all those injections the pain is still unbearable.However, that was the only bad thing in my opinion about this book.Otherwise, this is a very good book that you can learn many life lessons on.The dads in this book can inspire other soon to be dads that are worried or scared that they won't know what to do when the baby actually gets here and they have to provide for them.Some boys want to run away and not come back because they feel like they do not know what they are supposed to do.However, the fathers in the book explain how hard it will be in the beginning but it's all worth the struggle in the end because you know that you were there for your child and not one of those parents that just leave because thy don't want the responsibility of taking care of a child because they still them-self is a child.

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