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Let me tell you a story, it's called, "Lame Melissa Gets a Dollhouse".

Actually nevermind, that's the prequel Midnight in the Dollhouse, but that doesn't prevent most of the characters here from fondly recalling how Captain Vance built lame Melissa the dollhouse. Is that what people called her to her face? 19th century life was tough!

In this book Gail has just moved to a new part of town and is cut off from her best friend FOREVER because of it. That's right, still in the same town, in Indiana, but no longer friends. So Gail is lonesome until a great-great aunt sends her lame Melissa's dollhouse because Aunt Abby has lost all of her WASP fortune and must sell her Boston-area mansion and everything in it so she can go to a posh retirement home with her Nantucket friends, everything but the dollhouse that is because she promised her mad father (the Captain) she would never sell it because there be treasure.

The rest of the book alternates between dollhouse-porn and conversations with the whiney dolls. It's revealed that one doll, Martinique, has been missing for some time, but the dolls are happy about that because she told scary voodou stories to the doll children and her presence made the rest of them feel uncomfortable.


But she comes BACK, will she ruin everything? Will the secret treasure be found? Will the priviledged old lady still have to sell her mansion?

And yes, I did see the pink cover with the vapid blonde girl and read the title "When the Dolls Woke", but, it was on a free-pile and sometimes these weird scholastic books pay off. I even gave this two stars to start with because the story does wrap up nicely with Gail making friends with old people left and right and conning the girls in class to trade their treasures to her for a chance to check out her sweet, sweet dollhouse, but when I actually started writing the review I realized that not everybody is going to think that earnest stories about a lame Melissa or the whole Martinque situation are hilariously misguided. Most people would just be a little horrified. For the right little girl (or boy, though this book tries really, really hard to push them away) this might be fun if they can't find the better creepy dolls come alive books.

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