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I'm so excited to be the first to offer Veronica Blade many, many THANKS!!

The trend now a days is for authors to re-write their books from the other character's POV and toss in a few antics and antidotes in the hopes rabid fans won't notice they have essentially repurchased the same book.Blade was not having any of that with her work. Again, THANKS Bladefor the free glimpse into the bad boy Zack's.Young or older...We woman love us a bad boy with a heart under all that testosterone yumminess. (Ha, Macy will kill me for that one!!)

It's nice to know that you had the forethought of your young-adult readers in mind when you chose not to re-write.As my daughters and I are passionate readers, we would prefer to pay an extra dollar or two to read a longer multi-POV verses purchasing re-telling from the other character's POV. We also like reading shorts or novelettes that serve the same purpose.

Interested in digging around in the HOTTIE Zack mind??? Check Zack out in Lone Wolf. Get ALL 4 Scene extras for My Wolf's Bane.... Free downloads in PDF & Mobi ...1.1 The Beginning -1.2 The Complication-1.3 The Damsel In My Distress - 1.4 The Pseudo Date visit Veronica's website @

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