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This book about the life of one of the most famous politicians in the world- Indira Gandhi, was not only well written for it's audiance but also captivating in a way I only imagined books could be and hoped day after day to find one like it. My dream came true while I was burying myself in this book, the dream for a perfect nonfictional author... Every fact put in was connected with the story as much as humanly possible and appealing (first time I can say that every page didn't have one word overbalanced, or one event that I wasn't interested in reading about). It also may be that from the first page about Indira's life I was attracted to the character like a magnet- so much I couldn't keep my eyes of the page! She was truly made alive in the simpliest form but better and more real than any fictional book I've read developed a character. If I have had a chance to know her, I would have asked her to be my mentor... Actually my liking for the book started even earlier than that,from the introduction essay on leadership at the beginning by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. I was left speachless:

"Leadership is the capacity of individuals to move, inspire, and mobilize masses of people so that they act together in pursuit of an end"- Proffesor Arthur M.

Here is the synopsys:
Indira Gandhi by Francelia Butler and Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. not only makes a clear portrait of this inspiring woman politician but also a portrait of the history of India and how Gandhi helped this enormous nation overcome poverty and other troubles India still faces today. Every one of us needs an encouraging story- this is the one human kind has been waiting for. Silently Indira can change your life too...

I also was very happy to see a whole chapter about Mohandas Gandhi, truly a great leader and a fairly good man- I loved him and am most likely going to get a dozen books about him in the next few days... Indira was a strong person and stood her ground till her death...
I hope I have succeeded, in pursuing you that you need to read this book :)

Interest level: High
Reading level: Medium-hard
Grade level: 6th-10th

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