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The Crystal Blake Series continues with the fourth installment, Crystal's Mill Town Mystery. This story is a tad more of a “traditional” juvenile mystery, in the vein of the first book, which would have been quite bad if this had meant that authors Stephen and Janet Bly had deviated from the overall narrative of the series. In fact, this is the opposite of what they have done, as the mystery elements take up a smaller place in the story than the other elements. It is woven in as a secondary story with the other plots.

In the story, Crystal and Shawn Sorenson, her new friend and crush, are riding their horses when they decide to go onto an abandoned piece of property where an abandoned, burned-down mill used to be. On the property, they find buried under a wall, an old wall safe, and there the mystery begins. It turns out that the mill had been purchased by a large company in the Northwest, who were always suspected of burning down the mill themselves, so as to cover up the fact that they closed down a profitable venture to get a windfall by writing off the mill as “business expenses”. This was to avoid Idaho laws stating that the folks would have to be paid compensation by the company.

After the newspaper runs a story on the discovery of the safe, various people try to sneak onto the Blake land, or confront Crystal. They want the safe, and they want it now. This time, it seems like they are truly more dangerous than anyone else Crystal has come across. Has she gotten herself into more than she can handle this time?

Along with the above plot, things are becoming strained with Shawn. She and Shawn are still friends, but she is worried and scared. She wants to be more, but isn't sure. Shawn is in the same quandary, and that's even if their parents allowed someone as young as them to date. Thankfully, things get patched up, but what happens, and how the two deal with it, is very realisticly portrayed.

There are other issues, ranging from how to live for God in our relationships, and issues of racism, that were handled with respect, and care for the target audience. I would argue that they were handled with care for any audience. There was no sensationalism, but instead the issues were handled with realism.

This book is probably the best of the series so far, and this series is one that ought to be picked up and read. I know some might not want to read such “children's stories”, but that is a silly reason for not reading something. To not read a good tale out of some sense of wanting to seem, or be, “mature” is the height of immaturity. The lessons of faith, trusting in God, and serving Him and others, are well-worth absorbing. Plus, it's a great, quick read.

Highly Recommended.

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