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Peter Brimacombe presents us with a short, well-illustrated, graphic account of the Gunpowder Plot and Guy Fawkes' involvement in it.

He begins by pointing out that Fawkes was neither the instigator of the plot or the perpetrator of any action in that direction because he was discovered before he was able to blow up the King and Parliament. As for blowing them up, it is open to debate whether he would have been successful had he not be caught beforehand; apparently the gunpowder was incapable of being ignited!

Fawkes was born in York in 1570 and, after fighting on the continent as a mercenary, he returned to England and was taken to London by Tom Winter to meet the charismatic Robert Catesby, who just happened to be assembling a body of men to blow the King of England to kingdom come. Fawkes was hooked and it ultimately cost him his life.

All the conspirators were eventually executed, Fawkes being the last of them, after they had been dragged through the streets of London to their execution place - hanged, drawn and quartered was their fate. Some on the periphery of the plot also suffered, none more so than the Earl of Northumberland who spent 17 years in the Tower - well, I suppose there were worse places!

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