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For three thousand years, Terrapin Xon was sealed from the rest of the world by the Thanatos Mountains. Lashtar maintains a watch over the only pass that winds through the range with the North Wall and the Outpost. The boredom is relived with fighting off the occasional Underdweller, bandits, or mad wizards.
When Terrapin Xon flows from the pass, they roll over the Outpost and descend on the impregnable North Wall with fighters, mages, and creatures from legends. Lashtar’s defense is overwhelmed. Then, against all military wisdom, Terrapin Xon keeps only a small force at the conquered crossroads, leaving their flanks and rear vulnerable. They drive for the city of Wintermist and the Mage School.
Only the young wizard Anton and Duncan of Pentock can save the people and the Spirits of Wintermist before the king of Terrapin Xon releases the wraiths. Before these young men can bring their respective forces together, they must overcome their own personal demons.
The wizard and fighter must gather entities from differing generations, skills, and cultures. They must form a unity and defy the prophecy of the Northland. They must turn back the invading force of Terrapin Xon before a legion can be unleashed.

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