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I purposefully made this booklet short. It is not written for people who are interested in attacking the White race. I wrote it for young people already in the movement or those thinking about joining. It will be a small miracle to get any of them to read a short criticism of “the movement” and impossible to get them to read a long one.

I have tons of criticism for racism, but these are a few points I think people in the movement or on the fringes will understand. Perhaps, I’ll write more in the future, but this will do for now.

Hopefully, it will save young people from wasting a portion of their lives in hatesville.

Tags: download, wyatt kaldenberg, ebook, pdf, why nazism and white racism suck and do nothing but empower leftists and hurt the white race

download Wyatt Kaldenberg Why Nazism and White Racism Suck And Do Nothing But Empower Leftists And Hurt The White Race PDF

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