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I have read this book cover to cover. I could nit pick the heck out of it but I won't bother. There were a ton of things said in this book I did not agree with, particularly the comment stating only a handful of pit bulls make good pets, which is incredibly ignorant and disappointing to see in a book supposedly written by an expert on dog breeds. The book was not objective enough for a book based on facts, nor was there much proof of some of the supposed facts. For instance, the author tells the reader not to use harnesses, only collars, harnesses are apparently terrible for the dog. Well, why? Are all harnesses bad for dogs? Where are your facts to support your facts? Why does this book have "facts" in the title anyway? It is a very general overview of what dogs are, how to care for them, and what some popular dog breeds are. It should be called "An Introduction to Dogs" or something of the like. Although it was somewhat informative, I really can't recommend this to someone considering getting a dog as a pet. This book is more directed towards people who want to get into showing dogs. Another annoying thing is the pedestal pure breds are put on. I realize the majority of this book is about dog breeds but I can't ignore the tone of distaste towards mixed breeds, mutts, and any dog that does not perfectly represent their breed's standards. I also felt like there was not enough emphasis on adopting dogs from shelters instead of purchasing from a breeder. Just another sign this is not for people who simply want a pet, which would be most people who pick this up. If you just want a pet then contact your local humane society and tell them what you want in a dog, they'll tell you if they have a dog suited towards you. If you want a particular breed, contact a breed rescue. Anyway, I said I wasn't going to nit pick but here's me nit picking. This book was just really irritating, but yeah, I guess somewhat informative, though there are definitely better books on the subject.

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