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Developing a daily writing routine has the potential to accelerate a writer's development process, but keeping to such a routine comes with certain challenges. Thankfully, overcoming these challenges is possible and Write Every Day shows you how. This book provides helpful tips for establishing and maintaining a daily writing routine based on the author's personal experience. With a little bit of effort, you too will find the time to Write Every Day.

From Write Every Day:
"How much writing do you think you could get accomplished if you had an entire year to spend on just that and nothing else?
And when you think of that year, don't think of several hours a day. Think of every single minute. That you've got the special ability to not require time to sleep or do anything else at all. You wouldn't get fatigued or burned out.
Think you could write a lot in that year? Then consider this: Anything you spend twenty minutes a day on every day is something that you'll spend more than a year of your life doing.
Increase that to an hour a day and you'll spend a year on that activity over the course of only 24 years. That's the amazing power of doing something every day. The time, bit by bit, adds up to a tremendous opportunity to accomplish things that excite us."

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Writing Every Day in Three Easy Steps
Chapter 2 – Customizing Your Daily Writing Chain, The Basics
Chapter 3 – You Have More Time Than You Think!
Chapter 4 – Taking a Mulligan
Chapter 5 – Make Peer Pressure Your Friend
Chapter 6 – What About Revising?
Chapter 7 – Customizing Your Daily Writing Chain, Advanced Options
Chapter 8 – Getting Unstuck
Chapter 9 – Jumping in the Deep End with NaNoWriMo
Chapter 10 – Using the Chain in Everyday Life
Chapter 11 – A Time to Let Go Of the Chain?
Chapter 12 – Putting It All Together
Bonus Features Introduction
Bonus Feature #1 – Seven Things to Do When You Feel Like You're Losing Your Mind
Bonus Feature #2 – Advice on Advice
Bonus Feature #3 – Rejecting Rejection
Bonus Feature #4 – How Twitter Works for Writers
Bonus Feature #5 – The Life of a Short Story: Idea to Publication
Appendix A – Resource List

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