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I don't know if this book just makes me feel lame, or if it makes everyone who reads it feel that way. I'm a third of the way through it, there has been no mention of parachutes (not to mention their potential color), and every time it tries to empower me, I feel myself slipping into apathy. Maybe it is a kind of reverse-psychology effect, i.e. I decide to go out and get a job just to prove this silly book wrong? We shall see.

Ok, ok, for those of you who already believe in yourselves and your cubicle has not already trodden on your sense of self—skim the first 2 sections and PLEASE SKIP TO "WHAT WHERE and HOW". This section starts the real meat of the book and actually has some great strategies for building the kind of resume / cover letter / talking points that will make you sound intelligent and eminently hirable. I am even getting an idea of what the parachute concept is all about!

This book is so much better than all those stupid resume books that just give you 100 examples of people looking for marketing jobs.

Hmmm...well, now taht I am done I must say I feel much more in-control of my job search. Now for the job.

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