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I would, if I could, give this book a -10 rating.If you are a parent trying to teach your child morals and good behavior in life, do not read this book to them!

These children are horrid and there are NO CONSEQUENCES for their terrible behavior.The lesson taught in this book are 1)hate school & extra education is stupid 2) feel free to lie whenever you want 3)Its fine to make fun of people 3)There is no loyality in friendship 4)Its ok to destroy property 5)Its fine to "hate" people and call them names.

This book is more of a "how to raise morally corrupt and evil children" book. Below is a summary of what you can expect to find in the books chapters.

In chapter 1 we meet AJ, Ryan and Michael, who are friends.The first sentence AJ says, "I hate school" and then "There is one thing about school I really love.Dismissal!".If your a parent who tries to impart a good attitude about school to your child, you don't want them to read this.

Then Ryan and Michael decide to TP Andrea's house for mischief night.Michael states that he "hates" Andrea because she is smart and tries to take extra classes to learn.

chapter 2:Ryan and Michael both lie to their parents and say they are going over to each others house but go to Andrea's instead to TP her house. They mess up the mission and are discoverd by Andrea and run away before her dad can come.

chapter 3; the three boys show up to school for halloween with an axe sunk into their helmets with fake blood running down and say that they are zombies. They then make fun of Andrea and her girlfirends costume.Words like, "I hate them", "I hate her", "shut up", "your dumb heads", are scattered all over this chapter.

Chapter 4: More "i hate" words and calling names.Michael accidently steps on Andrea's costume but after he realized that he stepped on her train he doesn't get off, he allows her to keep walking so her costume rips and she stands in public in her underwear and then says, "That's what she gets for dressing up like a dumb queen anyway".

Chater 5:Mrs. Patty, the teacher, warns the kids to watch out for the halloween monster who "chops up kids, steals their candy and keeps it for themselves".

chapter 6:Trick or treating, the kids rudely grab a bunch of candy out of the bowl and when the lady pulls the bowl back and says, "no", they say, "she was mean". later, michael states he'd rather have "rotten teeth than no candy".Then the kids decide that if any of them gets chopped up by the halloween monster, the survivors would split the dead kids candy. Michael was secretly hoping that Ryan and Michael would get chopped up so he could keep their candy.

Chapter 7: It is explained that the mrs patty's house is haunted because she is witch who, "poisoned her husband, Marvin, and chopped off his head". Now he's a ghost and his head is in a bucket in her basement.

There's more like this in the rest of the chapters.

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