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Initially, I hated this...and that's saying a lot, considering it's Latin. The Satyricon is weird to begin with, and this section is basically just the account of a crazy dinner party that gives new meaning to the phrase "filthy rich." I was so disgusted by the sheer extravagance, but it's because I was taking it too seriously, like one of those people on FB who mistakes articles from The Onion for actual news stories. Fail. I'm just not used to Roman satire, I guess.

Also, I never really read it carefully. I skimmed it every day before class. Fail.

But then, the night before the final (ahem), I read—really read—over half of it, and parts were actually quite fun. I read it as satire, I had his style down, and I was actually trying to understand what was going on. Amazing what a difference that makes. There's some funny episodes and neat turns of phrases, but it's still by and large just...odd. Definitely lots of "Wait, what? Ohhhh. Gross!" moments.

So it's mostly my fault that I hated this for so long, but it still wouldn't make my top 10 Latin works. And I'm not even sure if I've read 10, so...

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