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As the title indicates, a short look at Kierkegaard's life; there is a bit too much quoting without commentary (or enough commentary), but this is not really an intellectual bio... Lowrie took up translating Kierkegaard late in life and has great affection for his subject:

"I would have it known that this is the Kierkegaard I loveā€”not the dissolute and despairing youth,nor the returning prodigal, nor the unhappy lover, not the genius who created the pseudonyms,but the frail man utterly unfitted to cope with the world, who was nevertheless able to confront the real danger of penury as well as the vain terrors his imagination conjured up and in fear and trembling, fighting with fabulous monsters, ventured as a lone swimmer far out upon the deep, where no human hand could be stretched out to save him, and there, with 70,000 fathoms of water under him, for three years held out, waiting for his orders, and then said distinctly that definite thing he was bidden to say, and died with a hallelujah on his lips. I could not love him as I do unless I could venerate him,and I learned to venerate him only when I saw he had the courage to die as a witness for the truth."

Familiarity with basic Kierkegaardean ideas will greatly help this read...

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