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If you're me and I'm you, who are or are not these other two chaps?

That's is the question one might ask when diving into a terribly tangled web of deceit such as you'll find in P.G. Wodehouse's The Mating Season, where a faked identity might be the only thing that saves our hero Bertie Wooster from the horrors of marriage!

This is one of my personal favorite of Wodehouse's. It amps up the daffy mishaps tenfold! The storyline gets delightfully twisted intentionally as half the cast pretends to be someone they're not in an effort to get out of one fix or another. Even the usually incorruptibly proper Jeeves gets in on the ruse, doing his utmost for his employer Wooster, who's doing his utmost to remain unmarried to the drippy Madeline Bassett, while possibly hitching her up with his loopy, newt-loving friend.

Bassett indeed! Wodehouse pushes his penchant for ridiculous names to the absolute limit in this volume. There are Haddocks, Fink-Nottles and even a Catsmeat Potter-Pirbright! And practically none are willing to lay claim to their true names. Do you blame them?

I highly recommend you go ahead and embroil yourself up to the eyeballs in the confusticatingly good-time comedy that is The Mating Season.

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