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Oh, I liked this! I really got sucked into it.There's so much here, so much in the past and the future, while this is poised in the very small present moment, with so much that has happened and so much that's about to happen.I didn't realise until the cemetery scene that Michael had died. Poor Patrick! They were so happy, and then he lost Michael and he loves him still, and hasn't yet been able to let him go.

And David is a lovely character – with hints of a nasty backstory. I can see how Patrick started off as his saviour, but when David expected payment to be demanded, Patrick asked for nothing in return. Gratitude has become love, but because he's so young, he's struggling to be taken seriously, even by his own friends. His revenge attempt at Patrick for rejecting him is so typically teenage behaviour – but Patrick's response, the discipline, was out of concern for David, for his safety. I love the understanding that implies – Patrick gets why he did it, but he won't allow David to risk his health.

The cemetery scene is lovely, with Michael still tied enough to the world to be able to speak to David and encourage him.

I like to think that the future will be happy for David and Patrick. Patrick just needs to accept the change in role from younger partner to older one. Bring on the next installment!

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