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First and foremost, this is a youth book. Don't go in expecting sophisticated dialogue and intimate sex. In fact, I'm pretty sure the best age to read this book at would be anywhere between sixth to eighth grade.

The author doesn't seem to know much about the male psyche, yet she uses it as our main perspective. Michael seems to be hypersensitive to Riel's fiancé's scent. It comes off as though he's going to put his foster dad in a horrible awkward situation by getting infatuated with her.

As well with the women, he really, really, really drives the nail home with Rebecca, his girlfriend. He can't go two pages without mentioning how good her smile makes him feel, and how beautiful she is (with no detail! It's not like men are visually oriented!), without mentioning anything of, like, "a raging boner," or something, making him come off somewhat asexual but at the same time attracted to women, as if he should because every other guy is.

At points, it reads like an episode of a cop drama, which I'm not sure is a bad thing or not. The plot itself is an interesting setup, which is a predicament between what an eyewitness thinks and assumes he saw against the word of the suspect. As the protagonist and the suspect have a friendly history, he attempts to help him out.

The book outlines police methods clearly throughout the book, so I'm pretty sure it's meant to teach the reader in the process. The way they actually help out the suspect takes quite a stretch, though not far enough to diminish the suspension of disbelief.

At the beginning, the book conditions you against the suspect, while as it progresses, by sheer will of the protagonist, you're conditioned to believe the suspect is innocent, and as the book ends, it's a bit of a mixed bag. It's a good thing, since the book is still somewhat unpredictable for even readers above the intended audience.

The book flows day by day, and events that occur take up as much time as they would in the real world, so it flows properly. The book seems to expect me to keep up what day it is, though I'm not one to remember that.

All the sleuthing is done by the protagonist's girlfriend, with the protagonist along for the ride. Every single person she 'interrogates' (by asking politely) seems to have no problem coming onto what is essentially jailbait, though this is Toronto, so it's expected.

Finally, the background information of the relationships between the characters is oddly dark for a youth novel - foster parents, friends that get in trouble with the police, robbery and even murder (with descriptions of where and how the bullet punctured) is odd to find in books of this calibre. Therefore, I like it for what it is, a youth novel, even though it has elements that would provide a smooth transition to adult murder mystery books.

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