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Like most historic works, it made me cry...
but not because it was so emotionally moving, oh no... I spent hours upon hours hunched over this crazily-detailed textbook on 10,000 YEARS OF WORLD HISTORY solely because I made the grave mistake of taking AP World History.

In case you're wondering, I actually read ALL 33 chapters, as did all WHAP students, and it took all of my will-power to not burn this book once the final was my copy belonged to the school...
Not only did we have to read this brick-with-words, but we did debates on it, powerpoints, presentations, posters, and more on it, which required us to reread if it wasn't painful the first time around...but needless to say, this was a real tear-jerker

If any of you guys are taking AP World next year,0/10, would not recommend.

But some of you like a challenge and will take AP World anyways, and you know what? that's least you can be that annoying friend who makes history references all the time that no one else gets. Historical fiction will also make a little more sense now...and you'll now know the answers to half of the questions on "Jeopardy!"...

Happy reading!!! *insert sarcastic laugh*

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