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This story of a stubborn girl named Kate teaches children in a fun way that saying no all the time will leave you missing out on the things you love! Kate says no to everything her mom offers her by wanting something else. The use or rhyme and the fun illustrations make this story flow and fun for the reader and well as the listener. The use of opposites are used in the story as kate and her mother cant agree on what she needs. When Her mom finally says no to her kate is puzzled and comes up with a new answer....YES! This is one of my favorite books from when I was a child,great for any kid that thinks saying no all the time is fun!

Learning Experience
When working with children in your class after reading this story make use of the opposites used in this book. Have children come up with the opposite of things used in the story. Such as when Kate's mom says stop, kate says go! You can use pictures to provoke responses from the children. Adding in new terms and opposites can be used as well in this discussion.

Summary for ECE2203

Kates favorite word is surely no, she uses it all day long. Kate's mother tried to give her daughter many things but each time she presents her one option she says No,and wants the opposite. When its time to eat she says NO, to vegetables, the same goes for bath time and bed time as well. Kate enjoys making her mother crazy by always saying No! Kate's mom thinks and thinks of what to do she finally tries to play Kate's game she tells Kate No. Kate stops and looks at her smiles and finally says YES! Children can learn from this story by Kate's missing opportunities by always saying No.

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