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I don't own a copy of this collection.I wish I did.But I managed to track down the four stories it contains through the author's website, several magazines and the entry in Monette's short story collection Somewhere Beneath Those Waves .I wish I'd had had the affection I now hold for Booth when this collection was available directly from the author.

For those unfamiliar with Kyle Murchison Booth, I am not sure how enjoyable this short collection would be, and highly recommend they read The Bone Key, a longer, more linear collection of Booth stories.

For me, this was like a brief but welcome reunion with an old I don't see often enough, and wish I could get to know better.

"The Yellow Dressing Gown" was the briefest, and most haunting of the works collected here, and it's closing imagery will follow me for some time, I suspect.

But my favorite of the installments was "The World Without Sleep," (which is also available in Somewhere Beneath Those Waves. )Here, Monette paints a portrait of insomnia and surreal dreamscapes that lead Booth to a world that mirrors, but is not quite our own.A world of angelic beings, vampires, goblins and sentient shadows, and a quest that Booth must navigate and succeed at before being granted passage home.The imagery here is beautiful, rendered surreal and haunting and melancholy; and it is, in short, everything I love about Sarah Monette.

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