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This is a book for all ages, to illustrate and explain the relative sizes of large from a blue whale all the way to the whole universe. The opening picture shows an elephant, horse, and lion standing on a pier watching the tale of a blue whale that is larger than all of them combined. Then he
shows the same animals looking at a jar that contains 100 blue whales. He then puts two such jars on a platform with the animals between them. With the animals still standing on the bottom platform, Wells draws a stack of platforms ten high and then on the next page puts them on top of Mount
Everest to show how small they are in comparison. By this time the animals are no longer visible. Wells goes on and on until he reaches the universe itself, having introduced numbers in the millions and billions along the way. Even adults will find this book, and others in this series
fascinating. Other titles include WHAT'S SMALLER THAN A PYGMY SHREW,WHAT'S FASTER THAN A SPEEDING CHEETAH (Explores speed from the ostrich and cheetah to the speed of light), and HOW DO YOU LIFT A LION (comparative

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