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I have been spending entirely too much time checking the blogs of perfect blissed-out hippy women who become wealthy from people following along on their bliss about life, motherhood and crafts.Lisa, get a life and come back to planet earth.The Hip Mama Survival Guide rocked.This chick ROCKS!!!!Crafts are good I guess but I'm not so sure crafts are really that important if, for example, you're a single mom, a working mom, or just a mom spending your nights on the internet trying to figure out if you qualify for food stamps or what will really happen if you declare bankruptcy or if can't refinance your home or some other stressful thing(so pretty much if you're any real mom with real life issues!). Ariel Gore is cool because she tackles all issues in a very down to earth way, from the ugly stuff we don't want to deal with or don't know how to deal with, to the stuff that is totally fun and rewarding.She has been there and she makes no apologies, THANK GOODNESS.This book was the reality check I needed going into this third pregnancy.I came to the conclusion that you either are a blissed-out hippy with no worries and incredible sewing skills, or you're not.I AM NOT.Neither is Ariel Gore, but she has a hippy heart and does right by her kid.Put me in her camp from now on.

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