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I feel quite ambivalent about this book.The story of the author's life before his conversion is very interesting, and it is remarkable how he was able to change so much after leading a violent, selfish, and dissipated life for so long.However, the extremely evangelical descriptions of Tass's conversion experiences made me squirm.I am uncomfortable with his mention of "the prayer of salvation" - I consider such prayers rather shamanistic - and with his frequent references to God's will, as if God's will is really that easy to determine.For those of us who haven't had any experience of God's presence whatsoever, much less life-shattering supernatural experiences, this kind of talk is hard to stomach and hard to believe.

While I agree that violence is not an answer to the Middle East crisis, I don't agree that God commanded the Jews to occupy Palestine.It's awfully convenient for the ancient Jews to claim in scripture that God wanted them to massacre the inhabitants of Canaan and take the land for their own!It certainly makes it easier to dodge guilt if the Almighty is on your side!It bothers me that Tass actually believes that Jews have a divine mandate to keep control of the Promised Land, as if God requires territory in order to be God.I think both sides in the conflict need to realize that God does not "respect persons".Somehow we all have to make room for each other in this small world.Integrity demands that we continue to fight for justice for all, even though we know that it will never happen in this lifetime.

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