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If Roger Corman had ever taken all the great drive-in movies from AIP and New World and tried to roll them into a single package, it might look something like Ed kurtz's "Dead Trash". Look at that title: "Dead Trash: A Zombie Exploitation Quadruple Feature." So don't start reading this thinking you don't know what you're getting into.

Irma and Arkansas bust out of prison when the zombie apocalypse comes over the walls where they're being held. Irma learns that Zeke, the man she killed and went to prison for, is still alive in the city. And she will have justice, so together, they set off in search of Zeke while trying to avoid becoming zombie food. So we start with a women-in-prison sequence that rolls right into a motorcycle gang episode when the girls meet up with a crew of zombie-killing bikers. From there we ride into the city for a little urban "blaxploitation" crime drama as Arkansas seeks help from and old friend. Then everything come to a head with a mad monkey kung-fu fight fest as Irma closes in on Zeke (and other plot threads come together). And of course, the whole package is wrapped in that zombie apocalypse story.

This is high-concept storytelling right here, and Ed Kurtz matches his prose to the beat of drive-in movie rhythms perfectly. Straight forward, minimal, just the good parts to keep the plot moving and the action fast and furious (no movie reference intended). Kurtz does a great job of capturing the basics of the film genres "Dead Trash", dare I say, exploits? The dialogue, the characters and their actions come across like they were ripped from the pages of that great, waiting to be made drive-in epic in the bottom of Roger Corman's desk drawer. "Dead Trash" is trash, great trash, the kind of trash exploitation film fans love. Given that, it's hard not to love this book.

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