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In the midst of the Dawn Sea lies the mighty island nation of Kalyria. It has stood as a beacon of light and hope to the world since its founding at the end of the Dim Times nearly three thousand summers ago, but now in the Summer of the World 6087, something evil is coming. It threatens not only Kalyria herself, but the future of all who call her home, be they stranger or island born.
One such stranger is the young Giant, Menannon, who was exiled from his own land of Lornennogfor the crime of laughter and came with his father to the island when he was but five summers old. Here he has found a home, a love and a future of bright promise as the first Giant to ever join the Harper’s Guild where his depth of mind and extraordinary talent for music set him apart to train in the Master Harper Hall at Aridion City on the mainland.
Now, as evil enfolds Kalyria, a clear, but bitter choice looms in its darkness: leave his guild to return to Kalyria, thereby loosing his future within it or remain in his guild and loose to evil his beloved father and she who has his heart in her keeping, Nirna, Kalyria’s Princess
Royal. To make this choice, Menannon must find the answer to one question: Where does loyalty lie?

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