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This is an interesting book. I have read others years ago that make a similar effort—to recreate restaurant recipes. I recall reading of efforts to recreate, for instance, the Big Mac some years back.But this volume stands on its own pretty doggone well.

The book begins by noting its approach—trying to reproduce recipes that people really like. The author, Ron Douglas, notes a benefit of this book—by providing recipes to readers, people can make their favorite dishes and save money in the process. I have eaten Fettuccine Alfredo at Olive Garden. The author notes that one would pay $11.95 for this at the restaurant, but only $4.28 if one makes it at home, quite a saving!

The book opens with helpful cooking tips, with guidelines for buying veggies, and laying out how long one can hold on to herbs/spices before they go stale or bad. But it is the recipes that are at the heart of this book. For example, Applebee's Baby Back Ribs. Ingredients: Ribs, ketchup, cider vinegar, dark brown sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, liquid smoke, and salt. Why just list ingredients? To compare with other rib recipes in this volume! Hard Rock Cafe's BBQ Ribs ingredients: water, liquid smoke, St. Louis ribs, chicken broth, ketchup, maple syrup, pepper, yellow mustard, dark brown sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, bay leaf, white vinegar, and orange juice. Some similarities—but also some interesting differences.

I make fried rice whenever I do a stir fry dinner. Benihana's recipe is different from mine. Many of the ingredients may be similar (e.g., mixed vegetables), but the process is different. I use the "Joy of Cooking" recipe—which is great! It calls for cooling the rice; the Benihana version does not. Thus, similar ingredients but a different process. That's part of the fun of looking at these recipes. Can I try something different and still come up with a good dish?

I make a decent Pasta e fagioli, but when I had a business meeting at Olive Garden, I had to concede that their version was better. How nice to see that recipe listed in this book! Next time I make this dish? I'll use the reconstructed Olive Garden menu.

And on it goes.

In the end, this is a fun concept. It is not original; others have made the effort before. But the recipes are doable and promise to produce good results.

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