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God have mercy, I finally finished this horrific book! Honestly, it wasn't so bad, just tedious and repetitive. I picked it because (a) the movie was coming out and (b) I recognized the title as a popular book, albeit a couple years ago. The premise to the book is that a young woman takes a Junior Assistant position at a high-fashion magazine and the She-Devil who runs the show. The movie had the same premise, but that's practically where the similarities end.

Andrea Sachs takes the job, even though her dream job is an Editor position for the New Yorker Magazine, with the promise of getting said dream job much easier after devoting a year of her life to Miranda Priestly (the She-Devil). One year is all it'll take to bypass several years of grovelling, or so she is led to believe. But the year is spent instead in the most belittling, degrading and de-humanizing environment that, frankly, pissed me off more than the main character.

If you've seen the movie, dont' think you know the book. Meryl Streep is overly demanding, despicable, and down-right evil to snarky, quirky Anne Hathaway. Eventually Anne's character loses her fashion victim status and transforms into one of her dreaded Clackers. She reaches a point where she understands Meryl's character — even sympathizes but makes a break when enough's enough.

Andrea, instead, distances herself from the fashionistas, makes futile spiteful jabs at Miranda and Co. at every chance, and still loses herself. She doesn't become the trendy girl (not until she's far from the scene) but does lose her identity by placing the needs of a neurotic insomniac before herself, her friends, and her family. The book delves into her relationships on a completely differnt level (actually the movie doesn't even touch them). Let's do a short list of comparisions, shall we?

The book

Andrea has a steady boyfriend Ales, and lives with her best friend from childhood, Lily
Takes the job because it's the only magazine in New York that offered an interview
Puts her personal life on hold to be the beck-and-call girl for a Bitch
Meets a hot writer who is totally jonesing for her and offers her several opportunities to, ahem improve her social standing
She kinda ignores her failing love life and her best friend's alcohol addiction until it's too late to reverse either
Goes to Paris with Miranda because the Sr. Assistant gets Mono
When is Paris she gets the call that her best friend's drinking caused a terrible accident and she must come home
Finally has her fill and tells Miranda off, then gets fired
Kinda blah ending in which she gets freelance work and gets to waltz back into the Runway office for a potential writing assignment

The movie

Andrea lives with her boyfriend, and has a small group of friends, one of which happens to be a black girl we could assume is Lily
Takes the job because it was available
Puts her personal life on hold to be the beck-and-call girl for a Bitch
Meets a hot writer who keeps popping up in her life when she desperately needs help and a little pick me up, flirt-wise
Her boyfriend eventually gets fed up and sorta calls for a 'break'
Goes to Paris with Miranda because the Sr. Assistant gets hit by a car and is then fired (by Andrea) because her mind is too adled when sick at an event to immediately recall a guest's name
Discovers a plot to overthrow Miranda (after she recently viewed a vunerable side) and does her best to warn her, only to learn Miranda knew all along and didn't need her help. This is when she decides she's had enough and litterally walks off the job
Happy ending ensues with her getting a crap job and, unknowingly is seen by Miranda, who approves of her own fashion sense

If I had read the book then saw the movie, I think I would have been pissed off at the screenwriters. As it was, I did the opposite, but am still pissed. I thought the book sucked large portions of ass. There was quite a bit that was humorous, I'll grant you and the author that much, but it was so repetitive when describing her tasks (which I guess was the point) that I simply felt beat down. Gotta give that to her: she did know how to make her readers relate to her misery.

Did I like the book? No.

Would I read another by her? Not likely.

Would I recommend the book to others? Not a chance. Go rent the movie and at least laugh at it all.

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