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Stranded on the Nemazi home world and struggling with the effects of his transformation, Quinn finds an unlikely ally and strikes a dangerous bargain.

Episode Eight is approximately 5000 words.

"The Arc of the Universe is a new story by Mr. Whiteway. After reading and loving his entire Lodestone series, I knew I had to get this book. As a fair warning before you buy the book, Amazon says next to the price that the book is about 25 pages long and the author puts in the description that the episode contains 5,000 words. While it’s the first installment of a new story, the amount of world building and mystery entwined into the episode makes you ready for the next in the series as soon as you’re done finishing it! The episode begins in past tense where you learn the back story behind the 2 main characters, Quinn and his son Connor. They are on a journey through space with 12,000 other humans from their colony to a new life on a distant world. Something happens to their ship and Quinn and Connor are stranded alone soon afterwards. I don’t want to spoil the story but the ending to the story leaves so much room for the next episode. This is a great read for all ages that are interested in the Sci-fi genre and I loved the fact that the author makes the characters relatable with their tragic past and father-son relationship. I can’t wait to read what happens to Quinn and Connor in the upcoming episodes and I hope that the author is able to release them soon!" Vanessa D.

"This is another well-done work from consummate Science Fiction author Mark Whiteway, whose level of literate abilities is quickly earning him a place of esteem within the science fiction genre. I was already a fan of his previously released Lodestone series, but now I am a dedicated fan especially now after reading The Arc of the Universe, episode one.

"This episode, works nicely as a starting point for this exciting series, as the first part to this series, readers are introduced the disquieting world of Regan Quinn and son Conor. Quinn and son leave Eire colony seeking refuge from their pain after suffering the devastating loss of wife Sarah.

"After a disastrous turn of events during their exodus from Eire, Quinn finds himself not only challenged by his emotions but also by a strange new environment.
I enjoyed reading this installment of the series, it was a short, but intense read that left me with a taste of the growing enigma surrounding Quinn with a cliffhanger ending that also left me hungering for more. This is a “must read” for fans of science fiction." Mochalove

Regan Quinn after the death of his wife decides that he and his son Conor need time and space to heal. They have left their home on Eire Colony and are on a colony ship bound for Hades-7. Out of nowhere explosions erupt leaving Quinn to wonder if they are under attack. Grabbing his son they make their way to a lifeboat only to have it breaking up around them. Not knowing if they are the only ones alive escape now seems hopeless…"

All I can say is WOW - Whiteway has clearly done it again! I don’t know how he does it as he is a master writer of sci-fi/fantasy adventures that just don’t quit. Powerful characters, excellent storyline and twists and turns with an outstanding cliff hanger who could ask for more. From page one I was hooked and captivated I just had to keep reading. I was fascinated by the ever changing window is it real or fantasy time will only tell. Don’t miss this new series by Mark Whiteway as it is sure to be a hit!!" Cheri Clay

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