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As she felt the cold metal barrel against her head, Grace closed her eyes tight and heard a fast click. She wasn’t surprised when the sharp, hot wind rushed across her face. As she felt herself lift away she saw the children on the street. But they were too far away and hadn’t heard the gunshot. She watched Alfred below shaking as he stood over her lifeless body. No one would understand what brought him to this.

Was it a family curse that led to the murder of Grace Harper at the hands of her husband in 1975? This is the question that her great-granddaughter Ellie seeks to answer in The Other Side of Silence. Though Ellie has never met her great-grandmother in life, following a car accident she awakes to find herself face-to-face with the woman who lived a lifetime before she was born.

Unsure if she’s dead or dreaming, Ellie learns from Grace the family’s torrid past of witchcraft and infidelity, and a spell that was supposedly cast on a wedding ring handed down from generation-to-generation. This same ring Ellie now wears on her right hand.

As Grace reveals her story to her great-granddaughter, Ellie begins to recognize how she and her husband, Joe, have come to exist on separate planes of silence, never talking and telling each other how they truly feel. This same silence, Grace explains, is what led to her demise so many years ago.

Determined to break the family curse, Ellie struggles to wake herself from what she believes is a dream, and return to make things right with Joe. Meanwhile, Joe is also coming to terms with his own inner demons. Torn between the man he is and the man he wants to be, Joe begins to face reality and realize how fortunate he’s been to have a woman who loves him unconditionally. But, with all the damage that has already been done, Joe begins to see that it may be too late to save Ellie and their marriage.

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